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Fit in 40 is about making and breaking habits that allow you to lose weight and KEEP it off. No more "starting again on Monday," every Monday.

After working with hundreds of people I have identified the 6 key areas to help you stop the yo-yo dieting and see life long changes. I will help you with EVERY one of these over 40 days. 

You won’t EVER have to start another fad diet on a Monday again, that is guaranteed.

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I have helped hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOU.  Being a parent and business owner myself, I know exactly the struggles you face day to day to stay on a diet. I will help you do just that with ZERO restrictions. 

Your personalised nutrition plan allows for social occasions and a busy life so you stay on the wagon till the end.


Your workout plans target YOUR problem areas so you can follow a workout that you KNOW is hitting the areas you want to tone up. 

You get regular personal help on YOU and how YOUR week went not a generic plan that isn’t helpful.


That way you know EXACTLY what you need to do to keep your weight going down and your confidence soaring. 


I will be watching your calories, workouts and steps everyday to keep you accountable - the ONE thing any diet you’ve tried before is missing!

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I loved the weekly check in with Sarah. It was a good incentive and I liked getting the personal feedback. 


I was surprised when I stood on the scales this morning! I lost 6lb in the first week!


I can now envisage portion sizes and I'm definitely more mindful of what I eat.


I'm really glad I took part in this! It has helped me finally make changes to my diet and exercise habits that I can keep for the long term.


  • Six weeks of progressive workouts designed to burn fat, build fitness and tone the whole body

  • Targeted workouts designed for YOU to create a strong toned physique

  • Clear nutrition advice to take the guesswork out of ‘dieting’

  • A personalised nutrition guide with calorie goals and sample meals

  • A support group who is there for you every step of the way

  • Daily support and weekly check-ins from me, your Coach



(That’s less than £2.50 per day for a full fitness plan, group support, fitness app access, custom nutrition goals, mindset & motivation tips and weekly check-ins with private feedback direct from me – that’s is INSANE VALUE!)


I'm ready!

I want to kickstart my fitness and lose weight!


I'm nearly ready

I'd just like a little more info before I commit

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